Celebrated in the Madrid Matadero and carried out entirely by ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño (APD), the event had as its objective to launch the Adama new brand for Spain and Portugal, formerly known as Aragonesas Agro and Makhteshim Agan Portugal, respectively.


Taking as its new concept the claim “Simply. Grow. Together” adopted by the Adama group -world leader in agricultural solutions for crop protection-, the event was divided in various moments that served to transmit the process of change initiated by the company. A strategy based on the new corporate identity, a new logo and a range of products and solutions that simplify the portfolio of more than 40 local corporate brands into one global brand, Adama.

To present the new corporate identity in the first part of the event, called “Simply”, scenography was created highlighted by a single screen made from pieces that reproduced the form of the new logotype -a stylized “A”- which projected messages that supported the talks.

From there, guests passed through an area called “Grow” where they were able to familiarize themselves with the new product range and labels, as well as gain further information about the innovations being carried out by the brand, either through interacting with Tablets, with systems which magnify reality, or by touch screens.

Under the motto “Together” came the moment of networking and the final touch, as a means of concluding, the projection of a videomapping over a structure of cubes in which, through suggestive images and spectacular effects, the commitment of the new brand Adama was imprinted: “Simply. Grow. Together”.