The show projected in Seville was seen by close to 900,000 people. The audiovisual staging debuted in Cordoba created such a positive impact that the Town Hall means to continue it for the next holiday season.


Seville and Cordoba were the setting this Christmas for two mapping shows promoted by their respective local governments to welcome in the holidays for local residents and tourists. Designed and produced by APD, both projects shared the common denominator of being a rounding success for both critics as well as the public.

In Seville, the company created a Christmas mapping show for the fourth consecutive year after inaugurating the first one in 2011, and has now become a tradition in the city. In the previous three editions, the show was seen live by more than a million and a half people and official videos show more than 300,000 visits on YouTube in 100 countries. This year the projection took place in the Town Hall Square from December 17th to January 5th and set a new record being seen by nearly 900,000 people. The show was called “Dreams of Water” and  the connecting idea was a dream of Estrella, a little Sevillian girl who, on Christmas night, traverses underwater worlds in her sleep and discovers the importance of water for life and for the history and present of her city. For the occasion, APD visually opted for a naive and oneiric aesthetic, recreating the world of children and incorporating special effects such as real fire.

For its part, the Christmas mapping show performed for the first time in the city of Cordoba and projected in the Corredera Square from December 16th to the 22nd was attended by almost 100,000 people, coverting the Corredera in the place most visited during the holidays.  With the title “The Magic City”, the audiovisual setting on the façade of the Antigua Cárcel del Corregidor showed monuments representative of the Roman, Muslim, Christian and Jewish cultures, as well as the contemporary history of the city, recreating artistic, architectural and cultural elements declared Heritage of Mankind by UNESCO and concluding with a series of scenes evoking the Christmas season.

Projects such as these developed by the City Councils of Seville and Cordoba are successful examples of the concept of “Cultural Engineering”, a dynamizing formula for tourism that APD has been promoting for years which consists of putting the most advanced technology at the service of transmitting of the history, tradition and values of a determined place with the object of heightening its touristic interest. In Seville, the shops in the Center have closed Christmas with 8% more sales and there has also been an increase of consumption and tourism in relation to the “mapping phenomenon”, proving that the project was a wise choice. On its part, the Town Hall of Cordoba has highlighted how well the show was received by local businesses, neighbours and city residents in general. So much so that the project will continue for the next Christmas season, if the sponsors support it.

The Seville show was sponsored this year by Emasesa, CaixaBank and ACCIONA Agua. In Cordoba the show was financed by Iluminaciones Ximenez and Asociación Ambilamp.