In ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño we have been more than 20 years’ organizing events which create memorable experiences for spectators.

The impact of an event on the people attending it has never been more important. Indeed, it is one of the main challenges facing designers and organizers. When we speak of impact, we should remember we are talking about creating the unforgettable experience. It consists, at the end of the day, of sparking emotions, since it is emotion that makes an event memorable, fulfilling its ultimate aim.

At APD, dedicated to the design and execution of events, museums and exhibitions for more than two decades, every one of its new projects represents a unique challenge: how to surprise an audience already somewhat blasé about many different types of stimuli and leave a positive, lasting imprint on their memories. And when the event is associated with, say, a tournament exciting huge media interest, the responsibility is even greater (if that’s possible!).

Such has been the case with the latest work carried out by the company, which has performed key roles at some of the best known sporting events in Europe. Last year, APD put on a striking audiovisual spectacle in Trafalgar Square in the heart of London to celebrate the holding of the Champions League Final and the UEFA Champions Festival in the city. A unique stage design, consisting of a 200 squaremeter screen, recreated the form of an open ball, and captivated the public with a mapping show paying tribute to the European Cup and UEFA itself, football’s top governing body in Europe.

The company also took advantage of the big interest in cycling’s 2014 Tour of Spain, the final time trial of which was held in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. APD mounted another audiovisual spectacle projected onto the central façade of the city’s Palacio de Raxoi, one of several activities organized by the Galician regional government and Santiago City Council to celebrate this important annual date in the sporting calendar. The final stage was broadcast by 33 television stations to 178 countries worldwide, and attended by 800 journalists.

The other great sporting moment to fall into APD’s hands took place in Geneva (Switzerland) in September 2014. This was the ceremony to announce the 13 European cities which will host matches in the Euro 2020 football championship. This represents a milestone in the history of UEFA, the first time several countries on the continent will host the tournament at the same time; traditionally it is held in only one or two. Yet again, the company was responsible for entertaining hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to follow the ceremony live.