APD has designed and implemented the Spanish Pavilion; has carried out the technical development and implementation of the exhibition area of the UAE Pavilion and has completed the exhibition implementation of two floors of the Kazakhstan Pavilion, the hosting nation and focal point of the event.

1000m2 of mapping, 2430m2 of projection surface, more than 40 audio-visual productions, 11 interactive devices and 6500m2 of exhibition.


These are the figures that have made ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño (APD) one of the benchmark companies at the 2017 International Exhibition in Astana (Kazakhstan), which opened its doors on June 10th and will be held until September 10th, under the theme “Future Energy”.

A total of 200 people have been involved in the different APD projects related to this event. An exercise in coordination, creativity and cutting edge to raise awareness among present generations of the importance of an energy consumption that takes into consideration future needs.

To be exact, innovation and sustainability are and have been ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño’s distinguishing marks for the last two decades, present at the world exhibitions of Seville 92, Zaragoza 2008 or Shanghai 2010, to mention but a few examples. Its mission: to develop projects that stimulate visitors’ reason, emotion and conscience, from a sustainability perspective and with a rational use of resources.

At Expo 2017 Astana, the challenge has been threefold. APD has designed and implemented the Spanish Pavilion; has carried out the technical development and implementation of the exhibition area of the UAE Pavilion and has completed the technical development and the implementation of the exhibition area of two floors of the Kazakhstan Pavilion, the hosting nation and focal point of the event.

Spain: the “global village”

Designed around a large central square acting as a distributor to all other areas, the Spanish Pavilion is a metaphor of the “global village” we currently inhabit.

Coordinated by Acción Cultural Española (AC/E), it has been devised by APD and Frade Arquitectos, following a creative, conceptual, evocative and metaphorical design in substance, and an educational and informative design in form. The exhibition contents include five audio-visual productions in different styles, from the immersive experience to more educational ones or more emotional in nature, making up a total projection surface of 116m2.

The outside façade symbolises the role of energy in the development of civilisations, from the discovery of fire onwards, based on a graphic work by Alberto Corazón. Inside, an explanatory mural and an audio-visual feature welcomes visitors with a presentation of Spanish renewable energy projects from around the world.

Once inside, around the main square, there are three spaces shaped as houses placed around a tree that comes to life and follows its life cycle, a symbol of the necessary equilibrium between human beings and Nature.

In total, a surface of 868m2 on a single floor, to present the richness of renewable resources in Spain, its innovative and pioneering potential of its companies in the world, the problem of climate change and the need to treat the planet and its sources of energy in a responsible manner.

United Arab Emirates: energy innovation

APD is responsible for the implementation, technical development and execution of the Pavilion’s exhibition area (1000m2) and the VIP area (650m2), introducing the country’s innovation in renewable energy technology and research.

It has a fundamentally educational nature and includes cutting edge technological resources, such as interactive devices or surrounding projections, allowing visitors to see themselves as part of the solution, learning to use energy more efficiently.
It also features an immersive audio-visual auditorium with a 270º screen that projects on floor and ceiling to introduce the past, present and future of the UAE’s energy technology.

The exhibition area presents a wide display of multimedia resources, where its base elements –earth, water, wind and heat-, and dimensions –from microscopic to colossal- exemplify the country’s vitality in energy innovation.
APD will also be responsible for the maintenance, technical operation and dismantling of the Pavilion.

Kazakhstan: Nur Alem (‘Future Energy’)

The largest spherical construction in the world –80m in diameter, 100m in height and 8 floors- is the heart of the EXPO.
The first floor is Kazakhstan’s national pavilion and the remaining seven floors are the Museum of the Future, dedicated to different energy sources.

APD has executed the 2400m2 exhibition area dedicated to the hosting nation on the first floor of the Sphere. This first level, directly linked to the EXPO’s transit area, is Kazakhstan’s letter of introduction: its culture, traditions and environmental resources.

It includes large format video mapping projected inside a 45x14x7.5m dome, which features more than 50 laser projectors. The show’s main audio-visual production is synchronised with an interactive show where visitors can learn more about the famous Kazakh myth of Bayterek.

In addition, APD has also worked on the second floor exhibition area, dedicated to hydraulic energy. In this 800m2 area, visitors encounter different uses of water: from a replica of the old Hama watermill, to innovative technologies to use wave farm energy.

In total, more than 30 audio-visual elements and 9 interactive resources, together with 1700m2 of projections, produced by APD to take visitors on a journey in time and space.

From the Sphere, the heart of the Expo, over 5 million expected visitors can articulate their experience of the event, which concludes on September 10th.

A date with sustainability but also with the senses, where ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño adds innovation and cutting edge techniques to create a memorable experience that will remain in the visitors’ consciences.