APD was responsible for the design, technical production and implementation of the “Partnership for Financial Inclusion 2018”, a two-day, eminently participative meeting with discussions, workshops and presentations.

ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño (APD) was chosen by the (IFC-International Finance Corporation) for the design, technical production and implementation of the “Partnership for Financial Inclusion 2018” event held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, on 3 and 4 October 2018.

Among other functions, APD has carried out the design and production of the sets, technical equipment, furnishing, decoration, signage, logistical coordination, production of communication materials, media management and public relations. In line with its firm commitment to integrating sustainable criteria into event production, APD encouraged the inclusion of local companies like Studiored for the implementation of the event.

The event is part of the Knowledge Management and Learning agenda, organised by The Partnership for Financial Inclusion, which seeks to expand microfinancing and digital financial services in a variety of countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. This is an initiative created in 2012 jointly by IFC and the Mastercard Foundation.

This edition was attended by around 250 guests, including Partnership clients from all over Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as specialists from the industrial sector and internal and external managers from all around the world. The workshops were highly participative, encouraging dialog and interaction through a variety discussions, workshops and presentations.

As a result of ACCIONA’s focus on sustainability in all its activities, all the services supplied by APD for the event were carbon neutral. Therefore, the related CO2 emissions will be calculated and offset through a clean energy project, so that the final balance of emissions is zero.

ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño designs, organizes and produces sustainable events and seeks to minimise their ecological footprint while also leveraging the environmental, economic and social opportunities that they can bring to the areas where they take place.

Images: ©k15.photos